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Rated HP: 2000HP

Hook Load: 1300Klbs

Mast: 152' x 30' / 30'

Depth: 20000ft

  • Our LWD tools aid in advanced petrophysical measurements while drilling for precise wellbore placement for maximum production

  • Our primary purposes are to protect the health and safety of our employees and communities while protecting the environment.

  • We offer Measurement While Drilling, Logging while drilling, Well Path Design, Bottom Hole Assembly Analysis , Multilateral Well Designs ...


pdl news

  • 80% expansion of 2009 downhole operational capability; addition of four new surface logging cabins and dog houses

  • acquired north seeking gyro tools from spt and trained engineers to run the tools

  • upgrade of PDL maintenance lab capability from level I to levelII

  • complete certified nuclear sources storage and calibration facility in portHarcourt

  • PDL has access to the following tools via a support agreement with halliburton-Bat sonic/imaging services; At-Bit-Gamma/Inclination (ABG/ABI); Azimuthally deep resistivity; RT0; Geo-steering; Geo-span and Geo-tap-formation testing service

our services

responding to client challenges in nigeria

We understand your objectives and critical success factors; helping you develop and deliver strategies to succeed

PDL brings accurate and reliable geosteering and a full range of formation evaluation services

We deliver safe, cost effective drilling services at the highest level of efficiency to clients

directional drilling / well planning services

well planning and design

well drilling (drilling rig supply)

directional/horizontal well drilling

well bore hole surveys

rotary steerable drilling (geopilot)

measurement/logging while drilling

Formation gamma content

Formation evaluation while drilling

Formation resistivity and gamma ray neutron and density logging

Pressure while drilling measurements

Acoustic caliper

realtime operations - RTO

LWD Sonic Measurements

Geo-steering services

Realtime Formation Tester - GeoTap

survey services

PDL provides a well bore hole survey services for oil and gas industries, with North Seeking Gyro and Electromagnetic Multi shot.

survey calculation, bottom hole assembly analysis

anti-collision report and analysis

torque and drag analysis and behavioral analysis

pdl rig services

The Heavy Duty Drilling Rig is capable of drilling, completion, testing, temporary abandonment and intervention work in connection with land drilling rig operations. the maximum well depth is 20,000ft, maximum mud weight is 18ppg

our tools

helping to increase reservoir understanding and client's well objectives

performance highlights

  • established a fully computerized well planning centre for our well path design; torque and drag analysis; anti-collision analysis

  • drillog petro-Dynamics limited received exxon mobil;s fast drill process award in iyak19B during the 12.25" section at ed noble rig in august 2009 for achieving 3025ft/day

  • set a record in shell worldwide by drilling 6400ft in 18.50hours, one bit run nembe-63

  • drilled nigeria's first deep water wells - all bonga field exploration wells

  • drilled shell's deepest deviated well in nigeria- Nembe Waltakiri - 16,610feet (5063m)