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diesel electric drilling rig

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This rig offers the latest in rig design for the drilling industry with the environment and operating costs in mind. This rig is designed to hydraulically skid between wells to limit rig down and rig-up time between wells at the same site. This saves the operator time and money.

The Heavy Duty Drilling Rig is capable of drilling, completion, testing, temporary abandonment and intervention work in connection with Land Drilling Rig operations. The maximum well depth is 20,000 ft. Maximum mud weight is 18 ppg. The Drilling Rig and its associated equipment where applicable, complies with recognized industry standards and relevant publications of the American Petroleum Institute (API), American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), American Welding Society D1.1 (AWS D1.1), ISO 9001, ISO/TS 29001 and International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). The Drilling Rig has a self-elevating mast and substructures. The mast raises to the vertical position together with the setback side of the substructures. The drawworks has a self-elevating substructure and is raised after the mast is up. The drawworks is located on the drill floor.

The rotary table is independently driven and does not have to be connected to the drawworks. The brand new mast and substructure are designed and certified to API 4F 3rd Edition issued in 2008. This latest 2008 Edition has increased requirements for stability, overturning, sliding and higher wind loading that rigs built before 2008 do not have.

The Rig Skidding System proposed is suited for projects where existing wellheads extend above ground level. The drilling rig is able to longitudinally skid off the ground on each side of the cellars and well heads. An elevated pipe rack will clear the 8 ft high wellheads clearance required. The substructure is wide open underneath the drill floor with no obstructions to the well heads during skidding. The pipe rack deck is plated to protect the wellheads from accidental dropping of drill pipe and collars and to provide a safe working area for the rig hands. Socket removable handrails shall be provided all around the pipe rack. A wooden barrier wall with steel supports shall be provided at the end of the catwalk to stop dropped drill pipe from "shooting off" from the V-door to the far end of the catwalk then falling off above the wellheads or ground (similar to offshore pipe racks). 

The Rig Skidding System is designed to take the full operating capacities of the rig during all drilling operations including all maximum combination wind loadings stipulated by API 4F.  It is designed for erection loads, overturning and sliding as prescribed by API 4F. The equipment is furnished brand new.   The rig skidding system is designed to skid the complete mast and substructure, fully assembled, complete with the drawworks, rotary table, top drive, traveling block, hook, all drill floor equipment and BOP stack. It shall be capable of skidding with full 600,000 lbs. of pipe setback.  The entire assembly shall be able to skid together with the elevated pipe rack.

rig specifications

  • Rotary Table- Opening size: 37-1/2”

  • Max Torque: 52,400 ft-lb @120 RPM

  • Wind Load (Bare): 105mph

  • Setback Load: 800,000lbs

  • Casing Load: 1,300,000lbs

  • Mast HookLoad: 1,300,000 lbs on 14 lines

  • Horsepower Rating: 1476 HP

rig photos