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Services - What we do

Drillog PDL is one stop shop for all your MWD and LWD services. This we do using Sperry Drilling Services’ range of tool like DGR- Dual gamma ray EWR P4- Electromagnetic wave Resistivity tool, PWD- Pressure While Drilling Tool, Neutron/Density Tool. And others using positive mud pulse telemetry.

Sperry Drilling services is a industry leader in providing solutions for drilling wells safe, faster and more accurately. We optimize drilling efficiency through increasing rate of penetration and lowering non-productive time. We place wells precisely to maximize reservoir drainage. Real-time operations are core to our delivery - from remotely operating rigs to consultant solutions.

Our services include the following:- Gamma Ray, Resistivity, Density and Neutron measurement (Triple Combo LWD), PWD, BAT, sonic, azimuthal resistivity and formation pressure while drilling, Well Path Design, Multilateral Well Designs, Survey Calculation, Bottom Hole Assembly Analysis, Anti-collision Report and Analysis, Torque and Drag Analysis and Behavioral Analysis, Directional Drilling, Rotary Steerable System, Bore Hole Surveys, Real Time at-bit inclination & gamma;early warning of trajectory and formation change Complex geosteering; without BHA trips or reprogramming.

Point the bit technology; fine control of direction & build rate Smooth borehole curvature; reducing drilling risk & easing casing and completions, Supply of Heavy Duty Drilling Rig capable of drilling, completion, testing, temporary abandonment and intervention work in Land Drilling operations. The maximum well depth is 20,000 ft. Maximum mud weight is 18 ppg.