about us

Drillog Petro-Dynamics Limited (PDL), company registered in Nigeria, was incorporated on the 23rd of May, 1990 to progressively provide a full range of high quality Drilling control and optimization services to the Nigerian oil and gas industry. advanced LWD services acquire high-quality data for geosteering and formation evaluation. And MWD services deliver the real-time data at transmission rates quadruple the industry standard. Increase ROP, improve wellbore stability and hole quality, and optimize well placement for maximum production—faster.

Our experienced and skilled workforce ensures a reduction in project risks and will reduce overall drilling and completions costs. Our workforce of over 100 personnel have excellent HSE track record on offshore and land projects; demonstrating our commitment to safe operations and team success.Our commitment to sustainable development in Nigeria is well aligned with national aspirations; about 99% of our workforce is Nigerian and over 60% of our spend is on local products and services.

We aim to maximize; Local content utilization, local employment, growth of technical knowhow, and the peak of technical entrepreneurship in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria (Leveraging on the formidable Drillog PDL/Halliburton-SDS synergy, we aim to become the Nigerian oil and gas household name in Drilling and Reservoir solutions).

PDL has the appropriate technology to deliver an efficient and effective operational solution. Bringing the best solutions to your operations in time to save your money. Our local experience is our strongest asset: Our success demonstrates the importance of providing the Right People, Dedicated to Excellent Job Execution, not once, not twice, but every time.

Asset Base

  • Manpower Development: Have trained a formidable workforce for the industry using sperry-sun facilities in Houston Texas in addition to Technicians and support staff

  • Tool Acquisition: Purchased a complete suite of the most dependable SDS LWD tools-Resistivity, Density and Neutron

  • Well equiped new office block, new standard maintenance workshop, LWD tool maintenance laboratory, LWD calibration pit, Radiation source pit(NNRA certified) and pulsar lab for R&M

  • Has access to the following tools via a support agreement with Halliburton-Bat sonic/Imaging services; At-Bit-Gamma/Inclination (ABG/ABI); Azimuthallu Deep Resistivity; RTO; Geo-steering; Geo-span and Geo-tap-formation testing service

our mission

To deliver complete, cost effective suite of Oil and Gas drilling services at the highest level of efficiency, speedily and safely, as a vehicle for building a strong global technology company

our vision

Our vision is that our tested tools and technology, trained personnel and experience will add value by reducing drilling cost in the Nation’s oil and gas sector of the economy. We aim at extending our services to other African sub-regions, and indeed the globe to increase the local content capacity utilization, create local employment, cross training opportunities in Nigeria, transfer of technical know-how and stimulate local entrepreneurship in the oil and gas industry.